T Minus 2 Days

Exhausted and Happy

Exhausted and Happy

We are almost there! We talked to the boat yard management today and scheduled our haul in for early Friday afternoon. The plan is to spend the weekend tied up to the dock while we finish up projects and use the car the run any errand we can think of because the little white Acura is being shipped to California on Monday. Then on Tuesday…off we go!!!

We decided to bring Captain Ron with us for a day or two. Captain Ron installed our new engine and seems to know almost everything there is to know about our boat/sailing in general. He’s a character and we like him a lot. Having him on board while we go through the motions of fueling/anchoring/navigating/sailing for the first time on Stella Blue will be invaluable…and most likely very entertaining.

Today was a super productive one. We completed the dinghy rub rail project (huge relief!), shined up all the bronze inside, and hung up four strands of LED Christmas lights :) – it wouldn’t be a home of mine without them. It’s funny how the more chores we get done, the longer our list of to-do items gets. I think that this is something we will just have to make our peace with from now on.


Thinking about being out on the water has me completely pumped. After 10 days here in the boat yard, I finally feel not only ready, but anxious to launch. We love Port Charlotte, but it’s time to set out on the adventure and get Stella Blue back in the water where she belongs.

4 thoughts on “T Minus 2 Days

  1. Rub rail looks great as does the clock and barometer!! Have a great weekend and keep an eye out for gators at the dock :) At least you’ll be just a tad bit closer to the hut. Have you decided on your first anchorage? SB will be so excited to be back in the water!

  2. Stella Blue is looking fabulous and ready for an adventure.
    Love to get your messages.
    Will you be taking a cat along? I know SB has been home
    to a cat before. Wasn’t she named after ‘the FIRST cat’?

    • Hi Grandma! No kitties aboard the boat on this trip – I’m having a tough enough time keeping this small place clean with just the two of us! :)

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