Hurry Up and Wait

Sombrero Beach

Sombrero Beach

Logan and I are sitting in the City Marina community lounge area today setting up plans for the next week or so here in Marathon. Yep, we are still on mooring ball O1 here in Boot Key Harbor. We had set our sights on wrapping up the to-do list and setting sail Saturday April 20th…until that cold front that swept through the US last week and brought some nasty squall action to the Bahamas. We decided to postpone our passage for a few days so the weather could settle down. The new plan was to set off tomorrow, April 24th…until the wind picked up and shifted around to the north creating choppy sea conditions with high swells in the Gulf Stream. The NEW plan is to leave in the next “weather window”. The good news is that everything is packed and ready to go, so when the weather decides to cooperate, we will be ready. As eager as we are to move along on our journey, we have decided to make this first big passage as smooth and safe as possible. In the mean time we plan to tackle some minor boat projects and hang out on Sombrero Beach.

The past weeks we have been busy provisioning and knocking out chores, but we found plenty of time to enjoy the Keys. My parents made their way here to squeeze in a visit before we sail out of the country the weekend before last. It was a fantastic vacation…for all of us. We explored Key West (with a cheesy yet informative trolley tour), Big Pine Island (with the tiny Key Deer and No Name Pub), chartered a fishing boat (with no fish), and went out for a day sail (with fish!). Later that week, Logan made his first big catch! He went out with Princess Ding-a-ling and brought home a 31″ black tip shark. We celebrated with the tastiest fish tacos ever. I finally broke out my hemp jewelry making box and made myself and anklet.

Our big event for today is to get Logan’s hair cut so a walk down to the Easy Does It Hair shop is in order this afternoon. Let’s hope the weather straightens itself out so that we can splash around in those warm Bahamian waters soon.

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