Gillian Gets Hit in the Face by a Flying Fish

Welcome to Charleston, South Carolina

Well, not exactly… What is that terrible smell? Maybe it’s me, I haven’t really showered in a few days. Nah, I don’t smell THAT bad. What IS that smell? Maybe it’s that fishing boat we passed four miles ago, can smell travel that far? Nah, man I must be so tired I’m losing it. Then I hear it, “flap plop flap plop”. What the….? I grab the flashlight to investigate and right next to my seat in the cockpit is a flying fish that flew up onto the deck and was flapping around like crazy trying to get back in the water. And the little fella did! I sat back at the helm and tried to regroup from that bizarre experience and I hear that noise AGAIN! “flap plop flap plop,” this time from the other side of the boat. I leap up to investigate again and I’ll be darned! Another fish was flopping around on our deck. But this time, not for lack of trying, he couldn’t propel himself back into the sea. I run down to the galley and grab a spatula and then proceed to try and help flip him back overboard. There I am standing in the dark, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, holding a kitchen spatula, flipping flying fish off the deck and I started to laugh, “Wow, how in the world did I get here?” Logan and I both ended up flipping fish back into the ocean all night that night – probably at least a dozen made their way aboard from all directions. We added one more lesson to our bag, flying fish smell terrible.

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You’re Going Where?


Gillian, Stella and I have been itching to get moving for a while. We’ve been trying to make it south and east to the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico, but so far the thorny path has won. So we are going to try a different path. Tomorrow (9/4/2013) we will pull up the anchor for our first multi-day passage.

We’re headed to Charleston, South Carolina. How we decided on that is a bit of a mystery even to us. Once we get there we will find out if the voices in our heads were right once again or if we really have lost it. History tells us it should be the former. Fingers crossed.

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