Stella Blue waiting for a bridge to open

Vicki says that we made it far enough north that the trees are changing colors and that’s TOO far north – and I completely agree. Before we got here, the idea of cooler temps and crisp fall air sounded exciting and exotic. That was before my toes and fingers went numb, my nose turned bright red, and my lips chapped. We woke up several mornings to temps in the 30s with stiff breezes blowing over the dodger. We wore almost every piece of warm clothing we have on board, but let’s just say that we have definitely added long underwear to our Hampton shopping list.

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Heading North to go South

There she goes

Our second overnight passage was an uneventful one – just the way we like ’em. Our motor stayed on the whole time except for the quick downwind sunset cruise we took on the second evening. We just couldn’t stand the engine anymore, so we turned a few degrees to starboard, let out the sails and enjoyed the sound of silence to remind us why we love sailing so much. Unlike our last passage, we had a full moon keeping the ocean lit up all night. There is something incredibly…what’s the right adjective here…special, inspiring, mind widening, groovy… about watching the moon set as the sun rises with nothing but blue ocean on the horizon. We got to the Beaufort channel markers just as the sun was coming up and dropped anchor here in Taylor Creek.

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Sweet Tea or Unsweet Tea?

Avenue of Oaks

Unsweet tea with extra lemons please! Charleston has been good to us. The people are friendly, the food is delicious, the weather is super comfortable, and there is something going on all the time for us to check out – art walks, restaurant week, Greek festivals, marina happy hours. The Charleston City Marina/MEGADOCK is walking distance to downtown AND we picked up a couple of bikes to use while we are here in town, so we are totally mobile.

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