Virgin Gorda, BVI here we come!

The British Virgin Islands

We are going to cast off the dock lines here in Hampton in a few short hours – it will be a busy morning no doubt.

We will be sailing about 1300 miles across the Atlantic to Virgin Gorda, BVI. We are estimating that the trip takes 12 days, but with that many miles to go, it may be a few days longer or shorter. The usual suspects will determine our speed: wind speed, wind direction, and sea state. We have been monitoring the weather like hawks for the past week, and a Tuesday noon departure looks like our best chance to have strong enough winds to get in some good sailing without anything TOO exciting. So off we go.

Our SPOT should be tracking our passage on our Map page. We love our Spot, but remember that this is just a small computer that may have technical issues while we are underway. If it displays incorrect data or no data, don’t panic. We have check-in requirements with the rally as well as multiple backup methods of making a distress call on board. And if anyone needs to contact us during our passage, our sat phone information is available on the Contact page of the blog.

This passage is a monumental one for the both of us (not so much for Stella Blue – she is tugging at the dock lines!). The past week, my emotions have twisted up, down, sideways, and probably backwards. There are endless things to consider, try to plan and attempt to control, but in the end you have to trust in yourself that you are prepared and ready to face the elements – even if there are a few more things on that darn list! – otherwise we would never go anywhere. So let’s fill up the water tanks, make some breakfast burritos, and go get ourselves some adventure!!!

Panorama of the Bluewater Marina

Panorama of the Bluewater Marina

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