Take Three

The Atlantic

The Atlantic

After nearly two months of our Bermuda take over, it looks like today is going to be the day our reign comes to an end. The weather looks promising for a reasonably smooth trip south. Yesterday we spent the day battling the rain filling up the tanks, doing laundry, and getting provisions for the passage. Stella Blue is ready to gooooo (Bermuda accent required for that o).

Most importantly though, we are excited to get moving. Gone is the intense fear of the ocean we had when we arrived in Bermuda. Perhaps its because of the wonderful people and the hospitality they showed us. Maybe there’s something in the water. More likely though its that sufficient time has passed. What is it, time heals all wounds? Time makes us fools again? Time booze and snooze again sailing we choose?

However you slice it, Caribbean here we come!

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