Trekking around Virgin Gorda

What a view

We set up camp here in Virgin Gorda on Wednesday after six days on the high seas and by Friday we were already recovered and itching to get out and explore this new piece of paradise. We rented a two door yellow Jeep for the day so that we could see the sights and knock out a few errands while we were at it. We made it to The Baths, we resort hopped our way to Hog Heaven, and then we spent the evening in Leverick Bay to wash our wet salty clothes and pick up some provisions.

The Baths are probably the most advertised tourist attraction on Virgin Gorda…this is usually enough for me to lower it on my list of “must do’s” since these things are typically over-crowded, expensive, and not nearly cool enough to make it worth the effort. Good thing we didn’t skip this gem though, because HOLY COW! The Baths are on the southern tip of the island and consist of giant granite boulders that have been eroded into beautiful formations over time. We made our way through Devil’s Cave and exited onto the gorgeous Devil’s Bay with white sand and massive boulders to climb everywhere. The hike through the cave had some cool climbing too and most of the way our feet were splashing in the cool clear water. We went at 9am to avoid the cruise ship masses and the park only charged $3/person for the day. This place is nature at its best.

Next we cruised into Spanish Town to get our cell phones all set up and made our first resort stop for lunch – Old Village Cafe. Provisioning for food here in Virgin Gorda is tough and pricey, but all of the food we’ve had out has been awesome – this place was no exception. We made our way up the west coast of the island stopping in Little Dix Bay, Sugarcane, and finally Hog Heaven where we snagged this awesome pic:

The British Virgin Islands

We finally ended up in Leverick Bay for a few errands – there WAS laundry, but it was crowded and very limited so we ended up just getting washing out salty sheets. We “provisioned” here too but just for about a week or so. We have been chatting with other cruisers to get the low down on where to go and I think we will hold out until we make it to Tortola.

We found free ferries and shuttles, cheap beers, and even a few friends that we had made back at the Bitter End. It feels great to be a cruiser again – getting out and learning the lay of the land and finding favorite jamming’ spots. We are getting salt and sun on our skin and trade winds on our face, no wonder so many people make the passage down here each year…maybe it’s worth all that passage planning after all.

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  1. These photos look like you’re putting together a travel brochure or postcard! The boulders are amazing! Reminds me of Lake Tahoe.

    • It’s great when the photo subject is so stunning, even I can’t ruin it with my point and shoot!

      This place was seriously gorgeous.

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