Sparks were Flying on Valentine’s Day…Literally

Ready for Fire

There are a hundred people standing on the beach waiting for the big event – the lighting of the burning men…but the darn things just won’t light! Some blamed it on too much wind, some blamed it on fire starting skills, and some just took advantage of the down time to snap pictures. Finally, a cowboy felt his calling and ventured off the beach into knee deep water to take things into his own hands (or his cowboy hat)! He fanned and fanned and fanned. The fire starters danced in the water around the wooden statues; their skirts draped in the salty bay. Before long the crowd was whistling and clapping as the men went up in a fiery blaze. Happy Valentine’s Day – now it was time to party.

Actually it was time to go home. Logan and I did make an appearance at the party – we spent all day on the ashore touring Aragorn’s art studio and indulging in a Valentine’s Pig Roast at De Loose Mongoose (this is my new favorite bar name by the way!). But since we were on the tail end of that stomach bug AND had a big day starting early the next morning, we decided to treat the party kick-off as our grand finale. There were dancers on stilts, crazy awesome fireballs, and hundreds of people there to have a seriously good time. Our friends on S/V Catherine played the ukulele and accordion to get things started while their two kids danced in the sand. We ran into our buddies on S/V Pixie Dust and swapped our salty stories of our passages south – we were so happy to be hanging out with familiar faces in such a happy place. The full moon party at Trellis Bay is one of our cruising guide’s “don’t miss” things to do while checking out the BVI’s. Once again, we were very happy that we didn’t shy away from the touristy fun.

We left early the next morning to make a run down the channel to Soper’s Hole so that we could prepare ourselves and the boat for the arrival of Logan’s aunt, Lori. As we circled the bay, we realized that there wasn’t a single free mooring ball! Soper’s Hole is deep, like 60 feet deep in most places. We had never anchored in anything that deep before, so we made a change of plans and headed back up the coast to Cane Garden Bay. Not the best place to provision, but still our favorite place to drop anchor in the BVI’s – and it’s only an hour away from Soper’s Hole which is where we needed to pick Lori up from the ferry the next morning, so everything worked out.

We are in the middle of our week with Lori on the boat and life is damn good. What’s our goal for the week? Finding the perfect beach spot – challenge accepted.

2 thoughts on “Sparks were Flying on Valentine’s Day…Literally

  1. So glad you guys are having such a good time, I am jealous! Things are good in Florida, Craig had a scare, had to have 2 stints put in, he is fine now but says he will quit smoking. Been meeting the neighbors, they are an active group, always some avtivity going on. Took our first trip in the RV, met some friends from Mn at the Miami boat show then stayed in Okeechobee for 3 days. Fixed some little things and bought more stuff. Just like a boat aways something you need! Be sure to let us know when your coming back, we’ll meet you at the dock! Vicki

  2. Hey Vicki!

    I’m so glad Craig is doing OK – that is seriously scary stuff. We are sending our happy healing vibes your way.

    I’m glad you guys are learning the ropes of the RV world. I can’t wait to see you guys again soon – we miss you so much down here. We should be there sometime in June…but you know how these plans go :)

    Much love!

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