Homeward Bound

The views don't get old

After six weeks in the Virgin Islands and with plenty of islands left to explore, it’s time to say so long. We have spent the past week outlining a ‘plan’ for the rest of our adventure. It’s time to head west and north back to the US!

All of a sudden we took a look at the calender and our self imposed end date of June first was only three short months away. What?! We just got here!! Well…sorta. It was time to make our ‘plan’ for the rest of our adventure. I use the term plan very loosely here. (Have we FINALLY learned?!) Stella Blue is headed back to Florida with stops and visits with friends in the Spanish Virgins, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and The Bahamas. It’s a really strange sensation to be heading this direction – our trip now has this feeling of being….just that. A trip, not so much an endless adventure.

OK, enough of that. We will pick up our anchor tomorrow morning and sail (or probably motor – the trade winds died!) to Culebra, a small island in the “Spanish Virgins” just east of Puerto Rico.

Vamos al Caribbean Español!

8 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. I will miss your blog and seeing this part of the world through your pictures. although, am certain that Taylor will be happy to have his friends home to visit.

  2. You guys rock. Fellow OCSC sailor here trying to convince my wife we should follow in your footsteps. Finished BC last year and have just been sailing around the bay on and off. Any recommendations on taking the leap?

    • Hey Claude!

      We would be more than happy to answer any questions you guys have – feel free to shoot us an email.

      Chartering a boat somewhere for a week would be a really good way to figure out if this is the right fit for you guys. Our time at OCSC got us ready sailing wise, but living aboard full time is a wildly (and awesomely) different experience. We didn’t make the time, but it would have been a great idea.

      Congrats on passing BC! I bet my man over boards are a little rusty…

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