The Gundermans Visit Stella Blue

Peace & Plenty Party

Logan and I were SO excited to share one of our favorite Bahamian spots with our friends Jenny and Taylor that we woke up way before the sun to get Stella Blue all shined up and looking her best. After our buddy Dimitri gave them a proper welcome with a Stella Blue sign at the airport, Elvis Water Taxi delivered our friends across the harbor right to the cockpit! (Princess Ding-a-ling has a lot of heart, but the wind was honking and we thought it might be nice for them to arrive with something dry to wear that week.) We popped open a couple of Kalik beers and got pumped for the next six days of splashing around in Bahamian waters.

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Saying Goodbye to the DR with a SPLASH!

25 foot jump

Time to go! But wait – let’s have a crazy amount of fun first :) We picked up Logan’s dad, Tristan, from the Puerta Plata airport on Monday afternoon. He is crazy enough to sign up for the Stella Blue “adventure” charter package and sail with us on a three day passage back to Georgetown in the Bahamas. After watching the shifty forecasts like hawks for the past week, we decided to postpone our trip a few days while a cold front blows through. That meant we had three days left in the Dominican Republic, so we made the most of them.

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