Saying Goodbye to the DR with a SPLASH!

25 foot jump

Time to go! But wait – let’s have a crazy amount of fun first :) We picked up Logan’s dad, Tristan, from the Puerta Plata airport on Monday afternoon. He is crazy enough to sign up for the Stella Blue “adventure” charter package and sail with us on a three day passage back to Georgetown in the Bahamas. After watching the shifty forecasts like hawks for the past week, we decided to postpone our trip a few days while a cold front blows through. That meant we had three days left in the Dominican Republic, so we made the most of them.

UNO, DOS, TRES….JUMP!!! Wait, wait, wait… Not yet. OK. Ready. UNO, DOS, TRES….JUMP!!! And with that we plunged 25 feet off a cliff into a sparkling pool of fresh water. WOOOOOHOOOOO! The Damajagua Cascades (27 waterfalls of Damajagua) may be the coolest thing that we have done all year.

We hiked up a mountain so that we could jump, slide, and swim our way back down. We were all a little jittery about the jumps at first, but I’m so glad we mustered up the courage. It was a truly awesome experience. When we got down to the bottom, we considered turning around to do the whole thing again, but instead continued with our guide to Imbert where we shared a traditional Dominican lunch and sipped on Mama Juana. Check out this video of our wild Wednesday morning adventure:

So Stella Blue is headed off towards the sunset again. We are all giddy with excitement about what should be something close to an epic sail. Steady winds, settled weather, calm seas. The hope is that we don’t have to use the engine except to motor out of Luperón and into the anchorage at Georgetown/Elizabeth Harbor. The trip should take us 66 hours if we average 5.5 knots, putting us there sometime Sunday morning. We’ll track our trip with our Spot Connect and check our Satellite phone for texts each morning. See you guys on the flip side (aka The Bahamas!)

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    • Thanks Charlene! After a year of practice we are still learning how to “go with the flow”… Now we know how to jump off cliffs!

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