Say Hello to Captain Ed!

Sealing the deal

It’s official. Stella Blue has been passed on to her next captain. It was a lot of work and a little emotional, but we couldn’t be happier or more excited for all of the adventures she will see with Ed.

Logan and I spent last week opening up a firehose on Ed. This is our favorite analogy for knowledge transfer, especially for new sailboat owners. When we bought Stella Blue last year from Baxter and Molly… We. Got. Drenched. There was no way we could possibly absorb all that information in such a short amount of time, but that’s how it has to be done. They just kept spraying and we hoped that we would retain at least something. We switched roles this year and spent the week on the “dry” side of the firehose. Ed’s attitude and enthusiasm readied him for the high pressure spray of Stella Blue’s particulars. He took in everything and then came back with great questions! Stella is in very capable and passionate hands and that makes us very very happy. It was a fantastic week. I miss Ed and Stella already (oh! and Princess Ding-a-ling of course!), but this is the start of a wonderful friendship which makes my heart happy. Check out Ed and Stella Blue at SailingStellaBlue.

So now we are homeless. Happy and homeless. With the sale of Stella Blue, our minds have shifted to the big “what’s next” discussion. While we work on that, we decided to use this time to see some friends and family around the country. It’s an exciting time for us…a similar type of excitement that we felt last year after we moved aboard Stella Blue actually. We feel a powerful sense of freedom and a buzzing ambition. Selling the boat doesn’t feel like the end of anything at all, just a change of scenery for the continuing adventure.

Stella Blue clear.


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  1. Just finished mowing the F…….grass and read my email.
    OMG! Holly…..! & Congrats!
    (I am the man from Nantucket)

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