In The Water at Last

We’ve had two incredibly busy days in a row. Thursday we went to the Dania Marina Flea market with Captain Ron and picked up a bunch of new toys. Yesterday we got the dinghy aboard for the first time, painted the centerboard, and put Stella Blue in the canal.

After a fun and exhausting Thursday, we woke up early yesterday and ran over to West Marine to get a quart of Interlux Micron Extra blue paint for the centerboard. When we got back we talked to Tony about hanging us in the travel lift before lunch so we could get the centerboard painted then put her in the water after. Gillian and I then got the dinghy on the foredeck and attached the dinghy motor (9.8hp 2-stroke Nissan) to the stern rail. As soon as we were done with that Tony and Smitty lifted us up in the travel lift and left us to it. Gillian climbed up the ladder and lowered the centerboard then we got to work painting it as fast as we could. We wanted to get as much drying time as we could before she went in the water. Thirty minutes later we looked like a couple of smurfs, but the job was done. About 1:30 it was time, Tony came over with his remote control to operate the travel lift and rolled her over to the water and dropped her in without so much as a hiccup.

The plan is to leave Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage Monday evening headed towards Burnt Store Marina across the bay.


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