Dropping Latitudes

Fiery sunrise at Cave Cay anchorage

WE MADE IT! We started hearing about the cruisers’ mecca of Georgetown when we were back in Marathon, FL. We finally arrived yesterday and it doesn’t disappoint.

It took us four days to sail from Nassau, New Providence to Georgetown, Great Exuma. While making our way down the Exuma banks we had two of the best sailing days yet! We were sailing close hauled/close reach the whole time, but the seas were flat and every time we had to turn farther southeast the winds backed and we continued being able to sail. The final day of the passage, we had to leave the banks (15-20 feet deep) through a cut and head out into the Exuma Sound (1000-2000 feet deep). This was our first time to pilot a cut so we approached it with caution, leaving with plenty of visibility and as little current as possible. Before we knew it we were back out on the ocean and on course to Georgetown. The passage was relatively uneventful until multiple storms started brewing around us causing the winds to clock around and blow up to 26 knots. That’s just too much wind (for us) :) This was the first time that the weather conditions deteriorated while we were underway and all the events that followed were handled smoothly and effectively. It’s easy for panic to set in when the boat heels over more than 30 degrees and the winds are howling. But no panic this time. We took the sails down and hailed the Harbor Master here in Elizabeth Harbor to make sure that the harbor was safe to enter in those conditions. Before we knew it we were safely anchored off of Stocking Island across the harbor from Georgetown and on our way to the local pub, Chat and Chill, for a cold beverage. It was a great trip down and we are happy to be on our way south/east and back into the “unknown”.

This morning we made a prioritized list of to-do stuff and maintenance items. It looks like we will be here for at least 7-10 days while we wait for the winds to let up and stabilize before we head out towards the Turks and Caicos. The harbor has excellent internet access and Georgetown has all the necessary provisions – so we are hoping for a productive stay. Who knows what 4th of July celebrations may come together…

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