Heading North to go South

There she goes

Our second overnight passage was an uneventful one – just the way we like ’em. Our motor stayed on the whole time except for the quick downwind sunset cruise we took on the second evening. We just couldn’t stand the engine anymore, so we turned a few degrees to starboard, let out the sails and enjoyed the sound of silence to remind us why we love sailing so much. Unlike our last passage, we had a full moon keeping the ocean lit up all night. There is something incredibly…what’s the right adjective here…special, inspiring, mind widening, groovy… about watching the moon set as the sun rises with nothing but blue ocean on the horizon. We got to the Beaufort channel markers just as the sun was coming up and dropped anchor here in Taylor Creek.

Hanging out in/around the ICW is such a contrast to where we have been for most of our trip. The swamps are full of long-legged birds, the water is a lovely brown river color, and our bow is never into the wind. Usually when we are at anchor the wind blows Stella back on her anchor, but here in the river the current is the controlling factor and we pivot back and forth as the tide changes. Luckily it has cooled down enough that we don’t get too hot up in the v-berth without the constant breeze blowing us onto our pillows.

Speaking of cooling down…whoa. Next week we are seeing highs in the 50’s. HIGHS! We both have a pair of jeans on board and we picked up some super fashionable sweats last time we made a Wal-Mart run, but seriously – that’s too chilly for our now tropical bones – no more cockpit showers for a while :)

We will spend the next week motoring up the ICW and stopping in a new spot each night. It is a fun place for us to be since neither of us has been to this part of the country before – bring on the iced tea and fried okra! Tomorrow we are off to Oriental which we hear is a super cruiser friendly happening town.

4 thoughts on “Heading North to go South

  1. Interesting you should mention fried okra, Gillian. When you were a toddler, about 12 months of age, your parents brought you to Creston, IA to visit us. That was your very favorite food of the moment, OKRA. Well this being SWIA and not the deep South, it was just not easily found although your mama was diligent. Think we finally found some frozen okra at the local Hyvee grocery store and that made you a happy girl.

    Think that was the trip that you also left small handprints on the tall hall mirrors. They were just so darned cute I left them there for weeks, just polishing around them.

    So fun to read your stories.

    Happy Trails
    Grandma JeanE

  2. Thanks for the great memories – I can’t say I remember those myself, but I definitely still love okra in all forms: pickled, fried, in gumbo, and the newest addition – dried!

    I found an apron today while we were out exploring Beaufort. It reminded me of you because it’s made of the same material as the red apron I used to use at your house and it even has the same adjustable neck strap! Love you Grandma!

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