Screw it. Let’s go to Bermuda.

Stella at anchor in St. George, Bermuda

Stella at anchor in St. George, Bermuda

Logan and I are always excited to sail up to a new island unknown to us, but neither one of us have EVER been more excited to see the glow of island lights off in the distance as we were on Sunday night. Bermuda was on the horizon and we were going to make it.

From the moment we cast off the dock lines in Hampton, the conditions we encountered were more intense than expected. The winds blew and blew and blew. The seas built and built and built. We spent about 24 hours trying to get across the Gulf Stream and when we finally did, we were met by a swift moving cold front that threatened to blow up to 50 knots with seas building to 12 feet. What?! Are you serious!? (And maybe a little explicit language…)

When confronted with more than intimidating conditions at sea, your options are pretty simple. Deal with it. We triple reefed our main sail and held on tight. The looming squalls reached us in the middle of the night on Thursday. After it was all over, Stella Blue and her crew had weathered the storm and I had executed the most high stress but controlled jibe of my sailing career. The biggest challenge for us turned out to be our sea sickness. We ate lunch before we left on Tuesday, but then couldn’t keep much down until Saturday morning. Ugh. Good thing Stella Blue seems to love the more than exciting conditions – she took good care of us.

It was a tough trip and many boats in the rally experienced some serious complications – including our friends on Wings. As we were trying to power across the Stream on Wednesday, they lost their fuel pump. This is the time that we decided to divert to Bermuda so that they could get their motor running again before we headed further south. That was the last that we heard from them. We contacted the rally coordinator for information on Thursday to find out that they had now lost their rudder and were waiting for a tow back to the states. I can’t even imagine how scary that must have been for them. We received news that they are safe back on land, but we miss them already and are sending lots of positive thoughts their way.

We feel very lucky to be resting up and relaxing here in Bermuda. This country to beautiful and we were once again welcomed by super friendly people – starting with the nicest customs officer we’ve ever met. Once we pick up some charts for the area, we plan to do a bit of exploring before we head south. We need a few days (maybe a week…) to regroup and dry the boat out a bit. Turns out that there is a lot of water in a 12 foot wave :)

19 thoughts on “Screw it. Let’s go to Bermuda.

    • Hey Grandpa! Of course we are having fun…it’s just the challenging kind of fun right now :) Can you have character building fun? Because it’s that kind too.

  1. As tough as some of this is. These are great memories and experiences that prove you can overcome anything. Hang in and keep your positive attitude and stock up on Gravol in Bermuda for sea sickness. It will get better.

    • Hi Sheree! I thought about you and your stories of the Gulf Stream while we were crossing (you have lots of time to think when you are in it for as long as we were!). It really is a nasty piece of water.

      We have been on land now for a few days and it’s amazing how quickly being safe and clean changes your perspective on life. We are loving it here and plan to make it to a pharmacy later this week :)

      • So sorry you had to experience the Gulf Stream when it was angry. It is a scary experience! The good think is that everything else will seem “easy piecy” after that. No more Gulf Streams as you head south. When does the group plan to move on? Bermuda is a lovely place. You need a picture with a sport coat and Bermuda shorts. ( Captain’s hat if you have one. )

        • I am starting to think that the Gulf Stream is always angry! We are thinking to stay here for a few weeks before heading south – give me time to get that picture of Logan all dressed up Bermudian style. :)

  2. We have a place on a barrier island on Florida’s east coast. Woke up this morning to potential gale force winds. Thought of you. Bobbing out there today would not be fun. Sounds much better to be wearing knee-length shorts and serve tea at 4. Live the dream!

    • Yeah, it stunk being at sea in those conditions for FOUR DAYS! It’s not an experience we plan on reliving any time soon.

      I plan to get Logan all dressed up Bermudan style…pictures coming soon!

  3. Exciting! WOW! That was just about more excitement than I could handle and
    that was just reading your account. Rejoicing about your safe landing. Bermuda
    sounds fabulous.
    Love you guys.

  4. Not sure if your still on island-I have a fishing boat here in Bermuda called Stella Blue-just googled ‘Stella Blue Bermuda’ to see what comes up and found this-if your still on island you guys should come to the Sat night Rugby game at National Stadium-it’s a great party! If you do give me a call 735-3371 we can exchange Stella Blue stories–Cheers

  5. Hey this craig and Vicki, I am liking being a dirt dweller! Ben staying on friends boat in the chesapeake going apt hunting tomorrow , I like Hilton head sc, Craig thinks he needs us. Love Vicki .

  6. Hello Gillian and Logan from your bus friends. We enjoyed our chat on route to St. George and hope you enjoy Bermuda. Has the weather settled down? It is extremely windy here in Ontario right now. Happy and safe travels and we will be following your blog.
    Bon Voyage from Canada!

    • Hi friends! Today is the calmest day we have had here yet…looking at the weather it seems like a system blows through about once a week. This anchorage has great holding so I think we will stay here for a while longer.

      Hope you had a great last day – we have SO many things on our “to see” list while we are here. This place will make for some great pictures to add to the blog :) Keep in touch!

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