Death by…?

Brewer's Bay

After months of traveling and eating food from all kinds of questionable (and sometimes more than questionable) grocery stores and food stands, Logan and I finally got knocked down by something and it was something awful.

It could have been the beach shack where we had lunch, but both of our bodies seem to be blaming the food we made for dinner. I will spare everyone the gory details, but it has been rough here on Stella Blue. Today is day three and I can finally report that we are indeed going to survive. We spent our recovery days here in Brewer’s Bay – the next bay to the northeast of Cane Garden on Tortola. Most of the time we have been the only ones here in this quiet anchorage. If you are the glass half full type – this is a pretty awesome spot to hide out for a few days. If you are the glass half empty type – being sick on an 85 degree boat that is constantly moving is pretty miserable no matter where you are. Did we learn anything here? Nah…I am of the opinion that this sort of thing is just sort of bound to happen eventually. But hopefully just the once…

In a few hours we are headed to Trellis Bay to hang out for a few days and experience the Full Moon Party – I hear rumors of people on stilts and fireballs!  Can’t let a little illness get in the way of the party :)

6 thoughts on “Death by…?

  1. Oh, Gillian, I am so sorry to hear of your and Logan’s illness. But you know sometimes it happens on those luxury cruise ships too.
    Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery.
    Stay well.
    Much Love,
    Grandma JeanE

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